For all aspirants who aim to clear India’s top competitive exams, IAS in particular, nothing can be as greatly inspiring as success stories of real-life achievers from the country. These real life champions teach all us how to set bigger-than-usual goals and have dead determination to fight back tough times while daring to accomplish their dreams. Here some inspiring success stories for IAS aspirants that will motivate them to endeavor and make their dreams come true!

Rashmi Zagade – The Only Lady IAS Officer from Pune in 2010

Rashmi Siddharth Zagade from Pune began her IAS saga in 2003 and clicked it in 2010 to become the only lady IAS officer from the whole of Pune City in the same year. Inspiringly, after making four unsuccessful attempts before, the 29 year old finally bagged 169th rank among more than 800 candidates and proudly gave the credit to Siddharth Zagade, her school drop-out husband! Despite seeing a great deal of failure previous to her success, that is, four consecutive failed attempts, Rashmi did not give up, and went on with determination and support from her husband. And after making it to the interview stage the fourth time, she took a year’s break to prepare further and never looked back. Rashmi dropped geography and opted for history before reappearing this time when she ultimately did it. Why she credited her husband for her success was because it was he who prodded her to appear for IAS, even when, being a science graduate, she had no idea what this exam was all.
K. Jayaganesh – from Waiter to an IAS Officer
If you don’t believe in the mantra of trying again and again regardless of how many times you’ve already failed, maybe you ought to go through K. Jayaganesh’s journey of becoming an IAS officer. The man hails from a poor family in Tamil Nadu and did many odd jobs, including working as a waiter, before make his dream come true.
Setting an example for IAS aspirants, Jayaganesh secured 156th rank the seventh time (his last chance) and got selected for Indian Administrative Services after failing the civil service exam for six times! Krishnan, Jayaganesh’s father worked as a supervisor in a factory, brought him up in Vinavamangalam, a small village in Vellore district. Jayaganesh is the eldest of his siblings (a brother and two sisters) and completed his schooling after studying in the village up to the 8th standard.
Govind Jaiswal – The Son of a Rickshaw Puller
Born in dismal poverty in Varanasi, Govind achieved 48th rank in 2007’s civil services results. Govind spent childhood in a rented, congested room that he’d to share with three sisters and his parents, with no scope of time and the right setting for study at all. He began to aspire to become an IAS officer when his father and mother, a rickshaw puller and a housewife respectively, sent him to a school in Varanasi.
Even though Govind wanted to go for the civil services through school, IAS always seemed beyond reach, mostly because of poverty. The condition of the family became even worse when his father got a serious leg injury and could no long pull rickshaws. Govind still managed to find room for his dream and became an IAS officer at an age of 23.            Read More »

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